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Ningbo EKK Technology Co., Ltd.
Ningbo EKK Technology Company is China Sampling Swab Manufacturers and Sampling Swab Factory, we offer wholesale Sampling Swab for sale online. Our company specializes in various precision mold design, manufacturing, precision plastic molding, etc., and we own the industry's top design level and big production capacity. And we always operating normatively under quality management system of ISO9001:2005. We have established the close strategic partnership with many IVD biological enterprises, and the products were marketd in China and abroad.
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Our company is always operating normatively under quality management system of ISO9001:2005.

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Sampling Swab Industry Knowledge Extension

What is the purpose of sampling swab?
Disposable sampling swabs are used to collect human and animal gene (DNA) cells. They are generally used in hospitals or laboratories to detect and study viruses, as well as for oral sampling, nasopharyngeal sampling, virus sampling, and nucleic acid sampling. They can be matched Virus sampling tubes are used.

Classification and use of sampling swab
1. Oral swab
Oral swabs are usually used to collect oral mucosal cells, genetic testing, DNA sampling, paternity testing, nucleic acid testing, etc.
2. Nasal swab, nasal cavity swab
Nasal swabs are usually used to collect secretions from the nose and nasal cavity, and can also be subdivided into front nasal swabs, short nasal swabs, and middle nasal swabs. The most common ones are used for antigen detection self-test.
3. Throat swab
Pharyngeal swabs are divided into nasopharyngeal swabs and oropharyngeal swabs. "Throat swabs use a sterile medical long cotton swab to dip a small amount of secretions from the pharynx of the person to be tested, and then perform respiratory virus detection. The most common It is used for nucleic acid detection.
4. Cervical gynecological swab
Cervical and gynecological swabs are usually used for gynecological cervix, vaginal sample collection, TCT detection, Pap test, and human tumor virus (HPV) nucleic acid.
5. Fecal swab, anal swab
Fecal swabs are usually used for intestinal flora detection, genetic testing, molecular diagnosis, and disease screening. Anal swabs are swabs that are sampled in the rectum for inspection.

Features of sampling swab
1. With extraordinary water absorption capacity, it can increase the number of specimens collected on its surface from 20% of traditional sampling swabs to 60%
2. More than 90% of the collected samples have a release rate, thus ensuring high reliability of the results
3. Different preservation solutions are selected for different specimen types
4. There is a unique breakable design on the plastic rod, which is convenient for specimen transportation
5. Ethylene oxide sterilization, irradiation sterilization, independent packaging