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Ningbo EKK Technology Company is China Sampling Brush Manufacturers and Sampling Brush Factory, we offer wholesale Sampling Brush for sale online. Our company specializes in various precision mold design, manufacturing, precision plastic molding, etc., and we own the industry's top design level and big production capacity. And we always operating normatively under quality management system of ISO9001:2005. We have established the close strategic partnership with many IVD biological enterprises, and the products were marketd in China and abroad.
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Our company is always operating normatively under quality management system of ISO9001:2005.

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Sampling Brush Industry Knowledge Extension

What are the precautions for using medical sampling brush?
When using medical sampling brushes commonly used to collect samples for diagnostic testing, the following precautions should be taken:
Sterilization: Make sure the sampling brush is sterile before use to prevent the introduction of any foreign matter or bacteria that could affect test results. This can be done by using pre-sterilized brushes or by sterilizing them using an autoclave or other appropriate method.
Proper Use: Follow the manufacturer's or healthcare professional's instructions on how to use the sampling brush properly. This includes proper insertion and removal techniques, which may vary by sampling area.
Proper Disposal of Used Brushes: After use, dispose of sampling brushes according to guidelines provided by your healthcare facility or healthcare provider. In general, used brushes should be placed in a biohazard container for proper disposal.
Follow Infection Control Procedures: Healthcare professionals should follow standard infection control procedures, such as wearing gloves, masks, and other protective equipment, to prevent infection and the spread of disease.
Avoid cross-contamination: use a new brush for each patient to avoid the risk of cross-contamination. The sampling brush is applied to one patient and then disposed of properly before using a new brush for the next patient.
Proper Storage: Store unused sampling brushes in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight and other sources of contamination.
By following these precautions, you can minimize the risk of complications or inaccurate test results when using medical sampling brushes.

What are the benefits of using a sampling brush?
1. Reasonable design: It adopts a professional "broom-like" sampling brush whose shape can well match the shape of the cervical region and cover the entire cervical transition zone. More than 1 million cells can be collected at one time.
2. The collection brush has undergone strict ethylene oxide sterilization treatment, sterile packaging, one-time use, more safe and secure;
3. The outer surface of the collection brush is uniform in color, smooth and even. The bristles are soft and have good elasticity and flexibility, which ensures the number of cells collected without harming the subject.
4. The bristles are safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless.
5. After the collection is completed, the brush head can be automatically pushed out and detached from the brush holder. Make sampling easier and more convenient.
6. The disposable specimen collection brush is composed of a medical low-density polyethylene injection-molded brush head and a high-density polyethylene injection-molded brush handle.

Where can medical sampling brush be used?
Medical Sampling Brushes can be used in a variety of clinical and diagnostic settings. Here are some examples:
Cervical cancer screening: A medical sampling brush can be used to collect cells from the cervix for a Pap smear to screen for abnormal cervical cells.
Respiratory Tract Sampling: Medical sampling brushes can be used to collect samples of mucus, tissue or cells from the respiratory tract for diagnostic testing such as tuberculosis, pneumonia or lung cancer.
Gastrointestinal Sampling: Medical sampling brushes can be used to collect tissue samples or brush samples from the esophagus, stomach, or colon to screen for cancer, diagnose digestive disorders, or identify infections.
Urinary Tract Sampling: Medical sampling brushes can be used to collect urine samples for diagnostic testing, such as for urinary tract infections.
Oral sampling: Medical sampling brushes can be used to collect samples from the oral cavity for diagnostic testing, such as oral cancer or periodontal disease.
In general, medical sampling brushes are suitable for any situation where a small sterile brush is required to collect a sample for diagnostic testing or screening. They are often used in conjunction with other diagnostic tools, such as microscopy, cultures, or genetic testing.